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This forum is to post questions about how to support girls in mathematics. Please post your questions or respond here.
 Our next live interactive session will be held on Monday the 8th of February at 4 o'clock. To access this feature, please click on this link
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No New Posts since your last visit. Are there gender differences in your school?

Here are some things to consider:

  •  Gather information about how girls feel about their maths learning.

  •  Discuss findings with the whole staff/SMT discussion

  • Draw up an action plan

  •  Trial strategies from the action plan for a term

  •  Evaluate work from the pupils and staff

  •  Embed the strategies trialled into everyday practice. 


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No New Posts since your last visit. Action learning planning - PLEASE POST HERE

Please post your action learning questions on this forum,
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No New Posts since your last visit. Sucess criteria

How can we achieve this?

Girls able to discuss confidently and successfully with a maths partner

All pupils able to consider and answer questions

Girls more assertive in maths lessons

Girls able to formulate their own questions and thereby interpret other maths problems

Pupils able to apply maths across the curriculum
Please add ideas of how we can achieve this in a practical classroom context

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