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Class Tools

Paul Platts (BHCC_pplatts)  30 Aug 2011 15:48
Create free games and quizzes

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Plagiarism Advice

Paul Platts (BHCC_pplatts)  12 Apr 2011 11:11

Plagiarism here.

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Paul Platts (BHCC_pplatts)  12 Apr 2011 11:01 here

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Paul Platts (BHCC_pplatts)  12 Apr 2011 10:49

Storybirds are short, art-inspired stories you make to share, read, and print.

Read them like books, play them like games, and send them like greeting cards. They’re curiously fun.

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Online Painting sites - from Tom Barrett's blog

Paul Platts (BHCC_pplatts)  23 Nov 2010 15:37

ABCya! Paint– simple and easy to save as an image file.

Poisson Rouge Colouring Bugs– lovely early years tool within the amazing Poisson Rougeworld.

Odosketch– I like the tones to the colours in this tool.

Shidonni– bring your drawings to life

Sketchpad– more complex toolset on this one

Flockdraw– allows you to draw on the same canvas as others online – nice collaborative tool.

Crayola Digi-Color– smooth online drawing tool from the company that know how.

Kerpoof Studio– simple and effective little online tool, to use other brushes you need to buy them though. Easy to save etc.

Sumo Paint– this was certainly recommended the most by people today.

Imagination Cubed– one of the first collaborative whiteboard tools I came across, been around for years.

Bomomo– I love the free abstract creativity of this one.

Brushter– from the National Gallery of Art for Kids.

Graffiti Playdo– spray your work on a wall.

PsykoPaint– convert your photos into artwork...
...and here is a nice collection of linksfor Drawing tools as well.
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'Interesting Ways'

Paul Platts (BHCC_pplatts)  12 Nov 2010 15:00
Here is a link to the fabulous blog from Tom Barrett.
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Creative Commons Chaos

Paul Platts (BHCC_pplatts)  31 Oct 2010 14:42
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Talking Pets

Paul Platts (BHCC_pplatts)  31 Oct 2010 14:40
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A Huge Collection of Mind Mapping Tools

Paul Platts (BHCC_pplatts)  31 Oct 2010 14:36
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Wallace & Gromit Avatars

Paul Platts (BHCC_pplatts)  31 Oct 2010 14:34
This is from Mark Warner via Twitter , you might find this brand new avatar builder amusing and/or useful …
Thanks to ICTOPUS for this link
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Cloud Catcher

Paul Platts (BHCC_pplatts)  26 Sep 2010 18:58
Cloud Catcher
Practice your multiplication tables.
Click the image

Cloud Catcher

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nICE for Primary Schools

Paul Platts (BHCC_pplatts)  30 Jul 2010 12:32
I.C.E.- The Internet Channel for Education.

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Paul Platts (BHCC_pplatts)  30 Jul 2010 12:21

What is KidRex and how does it work?

KidRex is a fun and safe search for kids, by kids! KidRex searches emphasize kid-related webpages from across the entire web and are powered by Google Custom Search™ and use Google SafeSearch™ technology.

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ICT - A question of Trust

Paul Platts (BHCC_pplatts)  30 Jul 2010 12:14
Here is a link to a very interesting article about teaching children to search on the Internet.
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ICT in the Early Years

Paul Platts (BHCC_pplatts)  23 Jul 2010 15:16
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National Education Network

Paul Platts (BHCC_pplatts)  20 Jul 2010 15:01
NEN Gallery
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Paul Platts (BHCC_pplatts)  10 Jun 2010 19:13
Hmmm - Interesting ZooBurst
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2Simple - Purple Mash

Paul Platts (BHCC_pplatts)  19 May 2010 14:35
Check out this fantastic new site from 2Simple

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BBC - The Solar System

Paul Platts (BHCC_pplatts)  29 Mar 2010 12:49
BBC - The solar System.
Some great videos and information here
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Paul Platts (BHCC_pplatts)  29 Mar 2010 12:41
ICT help videos for teachers here

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Sum Dog

Paul Platts (BHCC_pplatts)  29 Mar 2010 12:33
Free maths games designed to improve numeracy.
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Cistine Chapel

Paul Platts (BHCC_pplatts)  29 Mar 2010 12:29
Amazing virtual tour of the Cistine Chapel

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Free Software!

Paul Platts (BHCC_pplatts)  29 Mar 2010 12:03
Click here for some really great, free software from Microsoft. I especially like the 'Autocollage' tool. Great with KS1
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Using Web 2.0 tools with a Learning Platform

Paul Platts (BHCC_pplatts)  29 Mar 2010 11:51


Using Web 2.0 tools with a Learning Platform
Jan Webb – Weston Village Primary School, Crewe

Download here

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Paul Platts (BHCC_pplatts)  29 Mar 2010 11:19
If you love Wordle then you will  love Tagul

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Spelling Bee

Paul Platts (BHCC_pplatts)  23 Mar 2010 15:38
The Times and Microsoft have developed this website for all those who love to spell!!
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Flash Clocks

Paul Platts (BHCC_pplatts)  20 Jan 2010 10:18
A great resource for embedding a real Flash clock.
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Give the dog a bone

Paul Platts (BHCC_pplatts)  15 Jan 2010 14:18

This game works great on the SMART Board! The object is to find 10 hidden bones on the 1-100 number square in less than a minute. 
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Big Huge Labs

Paul Platts (BHCC_pplatts)  11 Jan 2010 13:19

If you’re bored with the usual images and want to add some special effects to your pictures, then check out Big Huge Labs.

This site provides hundreds of different filters than can be applied to your photos to add many different special effects.
Thanks to The Whiteboard Blog for this link.
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The Boobah

Paul Platts (BHCC_pplatts)  11 Jan 2010 13:08

The Boohbah Zone contains lots of fun, interactive games for Early Years aimed at improving mouse control:

Thanks to ICTOpus Blog
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BBC Primary History

Paul Platts (BHCC_pplatts)  11 Jan 2010 13:05

The BBC has developed a new site to support primary History: 

“It covers 6 primary history topics – Ancient Greeks, Romans, Anglo-Saxons, Vikings, Children in Victorian Britain and Children of WW2 - and includes a photo and video library, an interactive timeline, quizzes, activities and games.” 

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Future Lab Emerging Technologies Podcast

Paul Platts (BHCC_pplatts)  15 Dec 2009 11:22


Below are the links to the sites mentioned in the above podcast.




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A day in the life of the Internet

Paul Platts (BHCC_pplatts)  10 Dec 2009 12:44
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Paul Platts (BHCC_pplatts)  08 Dec 2009 11:47
Paint a simple masterpiece.
Make a point visually.  
Do whatever you want. Do it together.   
Grab a tool.
Pick a color.
Draw something.  
Show a friend. Show the world.  
Share your vision.
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Modelling & Simulations

Paul Platts (BHCC_pplatts)  01 Dec 2009 16:21
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Digital Maps

Paul Platts (BHCC_pplatts)  01 Dec 2009 16:05
The following information is taken from 'Primary Nuggets' 2009

There are a number of sources of free digital maps of the UK. I have been using Multimap as this now includes Ordanance Survey Maps and aerial photos of the UK. For some locations there are also higher quality aerial photos in the Bird’s Eye view section. The terrain feature in Google Maps is also worth a look. Other sources of maps include  MS Live and the Ordanance Survey site which also includes games and activities to improve children’s mapping skills.

To create our own maps we used the map making activity on the Teacherled website before looking at World Maps through Google Earth.

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Paul Platts (BHCC_pplatts)  01 Dec 2009 15:01
Make your own new animals at this photorealistic virtual zoo!
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Winged Sandals

Paul Platts (BHCC_pplatts)  18 Nov 2009 11:59

Winged Sandals
Winged Sandals explores ‘the magical world of Classical Greek mythology, a place filled with awesome gods, daring heroes and fabulous monsters’!
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Maths Maps

Paul Platts (BHCC_pplatts)  11 Nov 2009 10:45
An interesting idea for using Maths all around us.
Click here to see how to make a coordinates overlay on a Google Earth map.
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Print The Internet...

Paul Platts (BHCC_pplatts)  07 Nov 2009 11:00
Here are a great set of images that give children an idea of how big the Internet actually is. Great for discussions or lesson starters.

Download poster one

Download poster two

Download poster three

Download poster four

Download poster five

Download all posters
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ICT OPus Newsletter

Paul Platts (BHCC_pplatts)  05 Nov 2009 10:27
The next batch of lessons2go is now available. Both involve the use of images. The activity for the younger children makes use of a paint package and the fill tool. There is scope for extending the task by using the airbrush tool as well. The MFL activity combines the taking of digital photographs with the use of callouts to create comic-like presentations.

This week we have activities for the following age groups:

Age 3-5: A Weather Vane and the Fill Tool

This lesson uses one of many activities in the 'Windy Weather' section of the Weather for Schools website. It makes use of an image of a cockerel which can be filled using the fill tool of a paint package. This lesson gives some ideas for extending this work.

Age 9-10: MFL, Shopping Comic Strip

In small groups, the pupils enact short scenes of role-playing shopping, asking for items of food and drink, and purchasing them. Using a digital camera and multimedia authoring software they capture still scenes of the role-play, to which 'speech bubbles', captions or 'callouts' are attached later as in a comic-strip format. These activities could be easily adapted for German and Spanish language teaching and learning.

Please login first, then access the activities via the lessons2go tab. To see these lessons select 'Latest items'.
Taken from the ICTopus newsletter Nov4th 2009.
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