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St John's College School Bulletin - 26 September 2014
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New Notices


F5 & 6

and Boarders

Seasonal ‘flu Vaccinations Now Available in school for all F5 & 6 children – Consent forms required by Tuesday 30 Sept

The NHS is now offering the ‘flu vaccination to all children in Years 7 & 8 (Forms 5 & 6) in Cambridgeshire.  If you would like your child to be vaccinated, please complete the consent form and return it to the School Nurse by Tuesday 30 September.    





Shakespeare Schools Festival Tickets now available by telephone only from the Mumford Theatre Box Office

We have been allocated 60 tickets for the performance night.  In order to ensure that every member of the cast has a member of their family in the audience, please limit yourself to booking a maximum of two tickets.  The theatre may release further tickets closer to the time.  If you find you do not require one or both of your tickets at any point, please let Mr Clarke know.               





Arts Award 2014-15 – An opportunity to work towards the Bronze Arts Award

A qualification which helps young people to develop their arts and leadership talents.  Please consult the message for further details and/or contact Mr Ashley Smith.     
















Saturday 4 October




First Rehearsal for The Jungle Book – Please consult the list to see if your child is required to attend

The play has been cast and Mr Clarke will be publishing a full rehearsal schedule soon.  In the meantime, please consult the message to see who is required to attend the first rehearsal and inform him of any dates you know now your child will not be available to attend rehearsal.           











Friday 10 October




Harvest Competition 2014 – Submit your entries today!

We are looking forward to seeing the results of your Harvest Competition efforts. Please bring your entries to the Byron House playground in the morning.  Please remember to clearly label your entries with your name, Form, and the category you wish to enter.       





Byron House Harvest Festival Service

Your generosity was greatly appreciated by the recipients of your gifts from last year’s Harvest Service and we would like to follow the same format again this year.  Please bring any gifts of food items in a bag or box (non-returnable).  Any cheques should be made payable to ‘St John’s College School’.  Food gifts will be given to Cambridge Food Bank and any cheques will be sent to a charity chosen by the children in the Charity and Community Committee.       





Harvest Service at Senior House

We will be having a Harvest Service at Senior House to give thanks for what we have and to provide an opportunity for the pupils to support those in need in Cambridge.  We would be grateful for any Harvest gifts you are able to provide which will be donated to the Cambridge Food Bank.            











Thursday 23 October



F4 Drama Production – Final Arrangements, audience space reservation and teas request

In preparation for this year’s F4 Production of Love Against the Odds, we would ideally like all day children to either go home or to a friend’s house after school, ready to return at 6.15pm.  If this is not possible, please complete the online reply form to request tea.  If you would like to attend, please complete the same form to allow us to plan for the correct number of audience members.               











Recent Notices




Head Lice Reported at Byron House

Cases of head lice have been reported at Byron House.  Please remember to check for head lice routinely on a weekly basis!     






Asthma Inhalers for PE & Games – Spare inhalers to be kept in sports bags

If your child suffers with asthma, please ensure that he/she has a spare blue inhaler in their sports bag for all PE and Games activities.     




The Sixth Form Year 2014-15 – Important Information for Sixth Form Parents

Please consult the message to find links to the documents and information discussed at last week’s Parents’ Evening: Michaelmas Clinics; Senior School Exam Dates and Requirements; A guide to the Sixth Form Year    



F3-6 Day Pupils

REMINDER: Leaving Senior House at the End of the School Day – Please let us know how your child will be getting home at the end of the day

In order to assure ourselves of your child’s safety and wellbeing at the end of the school day, we ask ALL Senior House parents of day pupils to complete the attached form and return it to us as soon as possible.  Even if your arrangements have not changed since last year, it is important that we receive confirmation of this from you.




Love Against the Odds Rehearsal Schedule – Michaelmas 2014

Please find attached a rehearsal schedule for the final Form 4 rehearsals leading up to the performance on 23 October.  The children should know all their lines by now so that they are as confident as possible for the performance.       




Michaelmas Term F4 Plays – Please click on the links to download your scripts, cast lists and rehearsal schedules

Form 4 will be performing three plays in October: The Great Flying Ship of Ivan the Impossible, The Lost Spear and The Five Swans.  Please consult the message to download the relevant script, cast list and rehearsal information for your child.





The Jungle Book Script, Auditions and Rehearsals – Please download the script and schedule

Please click on the link to download a copy of the script and the rehearsal and audition schedule.  Please also let Mr Clarke know if you cannot make any of the rehearsals mentioned prior to casting the show at the beginning of the term.





Shakespeare Schools Festival Production of Macbeth – Michaelmas 2014 – Important Rehearsal Dates and Cast List

Please consult the message for a guide to expected rehearsal dates and times for next term, as well as a cast list.

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