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St John's College School Bulletin - 4 April 2014
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New Notices




Access to School

Please consult the message to see the new security code for Byron House and Senior House.




Dates for Your Diary - Summer Term

Please click on the hyperlink to access some key Future Dates for the Summer Term. Extra-Curricular clubs will not start until the first full week of the Summer Term.





Lost Property – Laptop and Kindle

Have you lost your laptop and/or Kindle?  Please contact Catherine Jones at Senior House if you suspect either of these items may belong to you.





Collecting Senior House Day Pupils From School – Reply Required if you are changing arrangements

If your Senior House child will be going home a different way in the Summer Term, or if your child is new to Senior House this term, please complete and return the attached form to Catherine Jones by Wednesday 23 April.  We would like to be sure of your child’s wellbeing when they leave us at the end of the school day.
















Tuesday 1 –

Sunday 6 April




Cambridge Literary Festival

Please click on the links in the message to see what is happening in Cambridge during the Literary Festival.  For those in F6 who are either doing, or considering doing the Arts Award, this is an ideal opportunity to get involved. Please contact Mr Smith for further details.  











Wednesday 23 April




Invitation to KG ‘At Home’ - Summer 2014, 11.30am

You are invited to join Miss Althea Pipe, Miss Jenny Wilby and Miss Alice Bowe to hear about the term ahead, to find out a little more about how we teach in KG and to learn about some strategies for helping your child at home.





Invitation to T1 ‘At Home’ - Summer 2014, 2.45pm

You are invited to join Miss Althea Pipe, Miss Katie Rogers and Miss Clare Harlow to hear about the term ahead, to find out a little more about how we teach in T1 and to learn about some strategies for helping your child at home.





Rehearsal of T2 Production on First Day Back – Please Ensure Everyone Knows Their Lines and Cues

While all children seem to have learned their parts well for the first half, we now need to concentrate on lines and cues in the second half of term, that is, from the storm onwards.  Please ensure that your children come to rehearsal raring to go and confident in their lines and cues.  Mr Clarke is looking forward to a wonderful rehearsal!

Thursday 24 April



5T English

Poetry Trip to Scott Polar Research Institute

Mr Smith has organised a Wonder Afternoon slot at the Scott Polar Research Institute, for those in 5T to take part in a poetry workshop inspired by the exhibits at the museum.  The workshop will be run by poet Joe Minden and the SPRI Education and Outreach Officer Naomi Chapman.  Please send a brief email to Mr Smith to confirm your child’s participation. 

Friday 25 April




Invitation to T2 ‘At Home’ - Summer 2014, 2.45pm

You are invited to join Miss Althea Pipe, Mrs Clare Knoop and Mrs Norma van Ginkel to hear about the term ahead, to find out a little more about how we teach in T2 and to learn about some strategies for helping your child at home.











Wednesday 30 April



Production of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs – Invitation, Final Arrangements and Rehearsals

If you would like to reserve a seat for the performance, please complete the online reply form.  While all day children should ideally go home or to a friend’s house prior to the performance, we will be able to arrange supper for those who have to stay at school, providing we know far enough in advance!  The performance itself will start at 7.30pm and should last roughly 45 minutes.

Friday 2 May



Please complete your Annual Health Questionnaire 2014 by Friday 2 May

To ensure we have complete, up-to-date medical information for all of our children, it is important that you return your Annual Health Questionnaire to the School Matron as soon as possible and by Friday 2 May at the very latest. Paper copies will also be available from the Byron House and Senior House receptions for you.











Friday 9 May




Deadline for Costumes for T2 Production of The Wongly Bird (Performance on Wednesday 14 May)

Please consult the message to see suggestions for your child’s costume.  It would be good if groups of parents could liaise over costume ideas.  All costumes must be handed in to your child’s Class Teacher in a named carrier bag by Friday 9 May.   











Sunday 18 May




PA Fun Day – Save the Date!

This year’s PA Fun Day will be in support of Street Child World Cup.  There will be two fun runs alongside activities such as welly wanging, bouncy castles and the opportunity to buy cakes.  Come and join in the fun!   











Recent Notices




Charity Tree Growing Money Project 2014 – now extended to all children from KG – F6

Following on from the success of last year’s Growing Money programme, we would like to extend the opportunity to take part to the whole school.  Next Friday, your child will be given an envelope containing £1 and a leaflet explaining how the programme works. All money raised should be handed in by Friday 25 April. We look forward to hearing how your money has grown!





Daily Routines Reminder – Morning Arrival, Signing In and Out, Late Collection Arrangements

A brief reminder from Mr Grove regarding procedures for late arrival, absences and collection at the end of the day.  Please note that there are charges for late collection.





Head Lice and Nits – Please check your children’s hair once a week during term time

Please consult the following link for information regarding how to check your children’s hair, as well as effective treatment options:





Drama Performances Summer 2014 – Dates for your Diary

Please consult the message to see the list of events Mr Clarke has kindly published for you.     





Uniform Shop Easter Holiday Opening Times 2014

Normal opening hours will operate until Thursday 3 April. The shop will re-open on Tuesday 15 April.  The Shop will be closed for Good Friday and Easter Monday; normal opening hours will resume from Tuesday 22 April.





PA 007 Charity Ball – Missing Dinner Jacket

Did you attend the PA Ball wearing a Mr Harry Dinner Jacket?  It was left on the long table in the hall and is waiting to be reunited with its owner.  Another guest has lost a dinner jacket (Hugo Boss 42 inch double-breasted).  Did you accidentally pick up the wrong jacket at the end of the night?  If either of the above rings a bell, please contact Sally Standley as soon as possible.





Final Rehearsals for F3 Production of Roald Dahl’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

There will be a full rehearsal in the afternoon of Thursday 24 April and a rehearsal for solo singers after school on Friday 25 April.  There will then in an in-School rehearsal on Monday 28 April and a Dress rehearsal in front of Byron House on Tuesday 29 April.  The performance itself will be on Wednesday 30 April.





Twelfth Night Rehearsal Schedule Summer 2014

Please consult the message to see who is required for which rehearsals in the run-up to the final performance.




Pre-Prep Waiters 3.15–4.00pm Summer 2014 – Please sign up by 22 Apr

Please complete the attached form if you would like to take advantage of the Pre-Prep Waiters facility.





Sign up for Waiters 4.20 – 5.20pm / Late Collection Arrangements Reminder

Please complete the attached form if you would like to take advantage of the Waiters facility for your F1-6 child. Consult the message for a reminder of late collection arrangements and charges. 



F1-6 Day

Day Boarding 4.10 – 8pm Summer 2014 – Please sign up by 23 April

Please complete the attached form if you would like to take advantage of the Day Boarding facility on a regular basis in the Summer Term. 




F4-6 Boys

Cricket Summer 2014 – Arrangements for Kit

Unless your child is a boarder, cricket bags are not allowed to be kept in school on a permanent basis, as there is limited storage space at School.  Please consult the message to see the guidelines that have been put in place.  There will be pre-season training for Forms 4 – 6 from 4pm on Tuesday 22 April.











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