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           Revision Help

Support for students (and parents!) preparing for examinations.

Key Webpages : SAM Learning   GCSE Bitesize     MyMaths       Get Revising
See side of page for link to word and PDF versions of a revision planner
 Revision guides are available for loan from the school library
Golden Rules for successful revision

Be aware what is expected of you (click here for links for subject specific revision)
PLAN your revision programme - see links on the left of the page to Revision Schedule
Have somewhere quiet to work undistracted.
Find the best ways to help remember what you learn. Use the Study Skills and Exam Preparation booklet link above
Ask for help if you need it
Don't worry about what your friends are doing!

Good Revision Habits
Bad Revision Habits
Start Early
Leave it late
Use a variety of techniques
Read same notes over and over
Reduce size of notes each time
Writing same notes over and over
Breaks material into “bite-sized chunks
Tries to learn large amount of material off by heart
Keep to a timetable
Keep putting it off
Have a plan and work systematically
Random and unstructured
Keep calm
Learn all of material – don't avoid the hard topics
Learns easiest/ 25-50% by heart and leaves rest untouched
Balance of work, rest and play


Look after your Brain! - Especially during Revision and exam periods

You have 100,000,000,000 brain cells to look after!

Get plenty of sleep - you won't learn well if you are tired
Drink plenty of water -not coffee of coke! Your brain is mostly made of water and is the hungriest organ in the body
Eat a balanced diet - brain food like fish and vegetables
Don't eat too much chocolate, sugar, foods with e-numbers
Use brain exercises -  find out more
Exercise regularly- helps your mood as well - you wont learn much  if you are feeling stressed, angry or upset
Build lots of variety into your revision - use as many senses as you can - music, pictures, mind mapping
Use the morning for NEW and HARDER revision - your brain is more receptive in the morning
Have regular breaks - every 20 minutes stretch or think about something different



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