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Redbridge Community School is committed to providing the best possible learning opportunities for all students.  Within the context of this broad aim, we provide support for our Gifted and Talented students throughout all subjects.  The policy and student identification process is based on their initial CAT scores, and monitored by departments through the monitoring of National Curriculum levels and ongoing class work.  We constantly assess students and up-date registers as well as strive to provide our students with the opportunities which will enable them to progress their knowledge further still.




  • To identify, challenge and support Gifted and Talented students in all subjects.
  • To encourage the expression of talent and empower students to recognise the benefits and challenges of being gifted or talented.
  • To set Gifted and Talented students targets which encourage them to work to their full potential within school.
  • To identify and support Gifted and Talented students who are potentially able to work and perform at a level that substantially exceeds that which is expected for their age.  (Example – early entry GCSE PE for talented pupils in year 9).
  • To help Gifted and Talented students develop their personal qualities which will enable them to maximise their potential.




We currently identify students using their CAT scores which are completed in Year 7 and 9.  From this we put students on the register who have a CAT mean of 110+.  These students are then our Gifted and Talented students and go on the whole school register.


We also have departmental lists in each department who identify Gifted and Talented students within their subjects.  These lists are up dated on a termly basis to allow all students to have the opportunity to excel.








Within all lessons our G&T students are challenged to their potential in a number of ways. 


Students are given extension tasks throughout lessons and questioned in a way that enables them to think outside the box and form higher order answers.  This allows our G&T students to always be pushed to strive to reach their potential.


Our G&T students may also be asked to take on new roles in lessons which may include being a leader or teaching other members of the group for example.  This allows them to develop other skills which may not have been developed previously.


Our provision is not just limited to the class room as we have strong links with Southampton University who we work closely with as part of their Aim Higher Scheme.  This is aimed at giving our G&T students a taste of what University is like and students are involved in lectures and activities linked to their subjects and interests.  This then promotes students in wanting to Aim Higher and in years to come to want to go to University.


Within daily school life during lunch and after school, clubs are put on to allow all students to follow their interests and further develop their skills and knowledge.  All subjects deliver clubs so there is a great deal of choice for our students.


Aim Higher


We work closely with Aim Higher who deliver workshops in local universities or sessions in school.  They offer high level material to extend the students across all subjects and year groups.  This gives pupils the opportunity to visit university and give them a taste of what it could be like for them in years to come.  One of the main aims of Aim Higher is to raise student’s aspirations of wanting to go to university.  Each time we have taken students out they have always come back with positive experiences and raised aspirations.  We know this because of evaluations completed by students where they said:


‘’It has raised my aspirations to want to go onto higher education’’.


‘’We had fun, met new people and experienced University life’’.


‘’It has helped me be a better team member’’.


‘’I now know that I definitely want to go on to Higher Education’’.


These comments and evaluations from student feedback will aid our planning for provision for the forth coming academic year.


The students attending these events are taken from the whole school and subject specific registers.  A few events we have been involved in this year are:


  • Yr 10 Humanities and Art 3-day residential at Southampton University.
  • Yr 10 PE taster day at Chichester University.
  • Yr 8 Bright Sparks – Science and Technology activities.
  • Yr 7 Southampton University open day.
  • Yr 8 Summer schools at Southampton University – ICT, Science and Technology.
  • Yr 10 Taunton’s College G&T day.
  • Yr 11 Oceanography day at Southampton University.

Student Associate and Ambassadors Scheme


Another link with Southampton University and G&T is that we are part of the student associate and student ambassador’s schemes.  This scheme involves current university students spending time at Redbridge working with G&T students 1 on 1 and providing extra classroom assistance.  This scheme works both ways and several departments have been used this year seeing many benefits.  These departments are MFL, Humanities and Maths.


This year in French students have completed a number of activities with Gifted and Talented students.  One of them was the introduction of Chinese into lessons.  From this students gained knowledge of a new language.  The student associates also taught students about modes of study which enabled them to focus their learning and progress.  Also in lessons the University students gave one on one support to G&T students.  Redbridge students also spent time talking with the student associates about going onto University and with particular focus on spending a year abroad learning languages and experiencing new cultures. 


It gives Redbridge students several benefits because they can get individual help and support with extension work, thus pushing these students.  The university students also complete projects in school which gives Redbridge students a chance to get involved in something different.  It also benefits the university students because it gives them a taste of school life and gives them informed choices of what to do after their degrees.  Many of them have gone on to want to start their teacher training after spending time at Redbridge. 



Residential Activities & Extra Curricular


Again at Redbridge we try to offer our G&T students as many activities as possible to not only develop them academically but to also broaden their learning through a number of extra curricular activities.


·        Brecon Beacons Year 9 & 10 Outdoor Education week

·        Duke of Edinburgh Scheme

·        Year 7 Camp

·        Year 8 Camp

·        Year 11 Team Building Weekend

·        Theatre Trips to see Plays and Musicals

·        Maths Challenge

·        World Challenge

·        University days with Aim Higher.


This list is highlighting a few of the activities that we offer at Redbridge and we add several new ones each year to give students every opportunity to try something new and more importantly to aid their learning and progress.


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