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 Welcome to Year 4. 
The teachers are Miss K Dance (4D) and Miss Z Anderson (4A). The class LSA's are Mrs A White, Mrs S Bryant and Miss S Anderson.

In Term 2... Miss Dance's class read Stig of the Dump. We have been using this as a theme for literacy, ict, geography and art.
We have also been writing letters to New Zealand. It has been very exciting getting our replies.

Last term we focused on the rivers and the canal in Reading and how they are connected to George Palmer. We are still learning to play either the trumpet or the clarinetwith the help of The Berkshire Maestros team. Miss Dance is also learning to play the trumpet! We have been enjoying finding out about imaginary worlds and we have been using these ideas in our writing. We are lucky to have help from Joe from Planet sport who is teaching us to dance!
During term 1 we have enjoyed reading David Walliams’  book ‘Ratburger’. 
We sent David Walliam's letters from Year 4 and he replied by sending us a card and a signed photo!
 Here is one of our reviews of the book.

In the autumn term we looked at waterways and water. We recently visited local locks and the river Kennet.
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