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Economic Wellbeing
Economic Wellbeing as part of PSHE education, encompasses the teaching of Careers Education, Employability, Enterprise and the Economic and Business Environment. Its’ suggested content and Programme of Study is detailed under Core Theme 3 of the Brighton and Hove PSHE Education Curriculum Framework for Key Stages 3 and 4 - Living in the wider world: Economic wellbeing, Careers and the World of Work. Whilst there is some overlap with some Financial Capability learning outcomes, this has now been included within the new Citizenship 2014 Programme of Study.

With the pace of change so rapid in the world of work it is not advisable to keep outdated lesson plans and resources on Pier2Peer which cannot be regularly maintained or revised. Instead the Brighton and Hove School Portal seeks to signpost to the most up to date and useful sites currently available to support the delivery of Careers Education and Economic Wellbeing in schools.

To the left of this page you will find a number of links to the most useful and relevant sites which are well maintained, organised under different headings.

Please note that support for best practice in Careers Guidance has not been included here; whilst it is part of wider programme of activity to prepare learners’ for transition and decision making, it is not a part of the PSHE curriculum.

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