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Red Fox

Greetings to my trusted friends.  For the first time since I was taken I've got a moment to contact you.  Your posts on the blog are cool.  You guys aren't going to believe what I'm involved in.  Firstly I want you to know I'm OK.  The people I'm with are really serious, and they've got some unreal gadgets that they are training me to use. 
Jonathan and Ryan.w asked me if the FBI have me.  The people who are training me seem to be both FBI and MI-5.  It's an international team.   

Jessica and Sinead, and lots more of you have told me about Baybrooke.  I'm sure you are right, but there isn't anyone here who will confirm that's where we are.  Alfie and josh have offered to get me out.  Guys, I think I'm being trained for some thing important, so don't try and find me yet.

leyla and shaneika have asked me to describe what I can see around me.  The place I am staying in doesn't seem to have any windows.  It might even be underground, so I'm afraid I haven't seen anything of my surroundings.  If they move me I'll try to take a shot of the view.
Some of you (Reagan & Sam. Kurt and James, Ryan H and William, Alex and Charlotte, Alfie and George, spy r, cuddely coby bear, little miss summer, spotty cube and stripy cube) have told me that Ms Marshall said she saw 3 cars on Tueday, and Miss Downer said that there might be 2 security cars and a car I was in.  You went on to ask about the cars.  Well, I've hacked this satellite image from the MI-5 computer system.  This is the moment I was bundled in to the car that took me away.  You can see the two security cars that escorted us. All three cars were black and called 'Buick Enclave'.  Can you find out where these are from for me?   The guys who are training me were watching this live from their base when I was taken.  It's so exciting, but I was really scared.
PINK PUPPY, Alice fluffy cub and Sophie spotted lepod  have spotted I have planted a fox icon on all the year 3/4 class pages.  bananna Georgia has found a secret blue print if you click on Red fox.  I'm glad you've found these, but you need to keep them secret.  They are designs for gadgets I've been working on.  I'm really not sure what is going to happen to me when I leave here, and I need you guys to look after those blue prints in case I get in to trouble.  If the baddies get me they'll want those drawings, so I need you to keep them safe.
lizardaro – Glad you want to be like me, but be careful, if this all goes wrong you may have to take my place!
Finally, I want to say Hi to Tia, Emma, caitlin and ellie, kane, ashley and matthew,  RYAN S AND DAN, Cynthia and Emma, Eden and Jasmine, Philip, Thomas and keaton, Liam, charlie and mia,  callum and yoann, ben w and jack b, luke and mitchell, the apprentice and noahcroc318,Ben and oliver,k g j, dylan and seb, super secret and pink Elephant, Chloe, Bradley & Lewis, jessica, Betty, Tia 3/4D, spotted lepod and fluffy cub, juliana and hana.  You guys have all asked who I am and how old I am.  I've been advised not to tell you that because if the baddies were to find out who I was they would probably track down my freinds and family to try to get to me.  I don't want to put you in that sort of danger, at least not until I really need your help.   
I'll give you my next report as soon as I can.  Until then, keep safe, and keep in touch on the blog.  Share information with your friends, but be careful of strangers.
Signed,  RED FOX 
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