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Theme Park

Play your part in finding out about and designing a Theme Park.

On DT day, the teams at the University will be producing a theme park ride. Each of these teams has a group in each of the four schools taking part who are planning the Theme Park around the ride, producing publicity material for the park, etc.

Everyone is competing. The teams at the University are competing to build the best ride. The teams back at school are competing with each other to produce the best Theme Park. 

At school, groups will need to produce:
  • The Theme Park itself, based on the theme of the ride at the University.
  • Posters;
  • Leaflets;
  • A radio or TV advert;
  • Any other material that will give their team an edge. 
At school, there will be a team for each of the famous inventors. Click on the links, and then type in the password, to go to each groups Padlet.

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