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Tak Tiles
These are a really exciting approach to Algebra through Geometry written by the late Geoff Giles. Each secondary school will have a class set of 25 tak tiles by September.
1. Algebra through geometry
Written in the mid nineties by Geoff Giles. Some great ideas in here. I would strongly advise that you try the exercises in full yourself beforeembarking on teaching using these materials.
2. Lesson plans
Some year 7 and year 10 lesson plans that I found online. These might be a good starting point. There is a powerpoint to accompany these.
A short introduction to using Tak Tiles to introduce algbra togther with some more powerpoints.
4. Simultaneous Equations
A departmental workshop from NCETM and some lesson materials from Zeb Friedman which use a similar approach toTak Tiles to explore simultaneous equations.
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