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Brookfield Community School has two Creative Writing Clubs, one for students in years 7-9 and one for students in years 10-13. We meet every Monday from 3-4pm in either room 33 or the Junior Library. The aim is to give keen writers the time to develop different aspects of their writing, with the chance to gain constructive criticism as they read their work to the group. Usually each session begins with a short task focusing on a different aspect of writing – a descriptive piece looking at a photo or object or a situation such as waking up in pitch darkness; we might focus on a piece of dialogue, the development of a character or a series of suggestions for a plot. Sometimes we might work on a longer joint story project where our characters interact or students might bring in work from home in order to get some feed back. The aim is to aid students in planning and developing their ideas as well as improving writing style, structure and form… and of course, having fun and eating biscuits!

Workshop by local author Emma Pass


In July, students at Brookfield Community School enjoyed two lively creative writing workshops run by local author Emma Pass. Emma, who previously visited last year, has just had her debut teen novel ACID published and it was interesting to hear her talk again now that she is a published author. Initially she talked about the process from first starting writing to actually getting published; this was inspirational as she stressed that it is achievable to make a career out of writing. Emma ran two different workshops. The first was based around character development, structure and description and Emma brought in a range of pictures and objects to encourage discussion and inspire our writing. The second workshop was based on world building as ACID is an action-packed dystopian novel and Emma’s second book is in the same genre. We considered the many things that would change in a dystopian future, and created a world based on some of these changes. Then, by selecting from an interesting choice of names, we created a character in this world. The world-building aspect was particularly interesting to me, as it was something I hadn't considered before, and allowed me to take my writing in a range of directions. Emma listened to our ideas and writing, and was very encouraging. Overall, it was a really enjoyable day with many good ideas thrown around that definitely inspired me.
Eve Foster
FILMCLUB is a government funded school activity which aims to make a wide range of films available to young people, to challenge, unite, educate, amaze and inspire. Students have the opportunity to explore the wonderful world of film and use the FILMCLUB website to search for the films they want to watch, submit reviews and enter exciting competitions!  FILMCLUB commences Wednesday 2nd October and will continue every fortnight, on ‘Week One Wednesdays’, from 3.00 to 4.30pm.  Please see Mrs Johnson in the English department to get a parental consent form if you want to join.
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