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Health and Social Care
BTEC Level 3
Years 12 & 13

Over the course of the two-year programme, you will be expected to complete three different work experience placements in different health and social care settings. Work experience is a compulsory element to the course and is subject to appropriate CRB clearance at the Enhanced level.

This course will provide you with an education in health and social care that forms a basis for progression to undergraduate studies and a range of careers in the health and caring services. You will also acquire knowledge and skills that are transferable to enable you to meet changing, and often challenging circumstances.

You will be assessed through assignment completion (roughly 3 assignments per unit) for which you will achieve either a Pass, Merit, or Distinction. A pass in all assignments is a minimum requirement in order for you to complete the course successfully.

You will also be expected to take part in discussions, role plays, presentations and independent research. You will also be required to supply a range of written evidence to demonstrate that you have met the necessary criteria; these will include reports, PowerPoint presentations and extended writing.
The BTEC Health & Social Care course will enable you to discover different ways of studying and learning and you can implement these learning styles in your own private study time.
Unit 1: Communication in Health & Social Care
Unit 7: Sociological Perspectives
Unit 2: Equality, Rights and Diversity
Unit 8: Physiological Perspectives
Unit 3: Health, Safety and Security
Unit 10: Caring for Children and Young People
Unit 4: Development through Life Stages
Unit 11: Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults
Unit 5: Anatomy and Physiology
Unit 12: Public Health
Unit 6: Professional Development
Unit 20: Health Education
Teaching & Learning Styles 
  • Group/pair work, discussions
  • Class debates
  • Student presentations
  • Research projects
  • Media - film/music/interactive websites
  • Role play
  • Replication of studies
  • Independent study/reading
  • Extended writing/exam question practice
  • Quizzes and games




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