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Key Stage 3



Year 7

Year 8

Year 9


Non-fiction work, including writing biographies and autobiographies


Novel work: Skellig or Storm Catchers

Novel work: The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas or The Book Thief


Creative writing: adventure genre

Crime and Language of the Police – creative writing and language analysis


Play: Dracula – language analysis and drama work


Spy Fiction – reading and writing





Romeo and Juliet - Shakespeare

Much Ado About Nothing - Shakespeare


Novel work: The Other Side of Truth or Stormcatchers


News, including analysis of websites and writing reports, headlines and captions

Non-fiction work, including writing biographies and autobiographies


Creative writing: fantasy genre

Poetry from different cultures


Non-fiction, including Speaking and Listening work
Dystopian fiction - 'The Declaration'



How is English assessed?

Classes are organised so that students with similar target levels are working together. Within classes there will be a mix of class, group, pair and individual work, with groupings regularly changed.

Each unit of work provides at least one opportunity for formal assessment from teachers. Across the year there will be a balance of reading, writing and speaking and listening assessments, prepared in class or as a homework project. Marking criteria will be shared and discussed with groups, a clear grade given for work plus targets for improvement. Books will also be marked regularly. Each student will have a record/target sheet in their book so that progress can be monitored and targets regularly consulted.

Many lessons will provide students with the opportunity to give and receive informal feedback, as well as reflecting on feedback they have been given, both from their teacher and from their peers.

At the end of the year an overall grade for that year will be recorded, based on their work and progress over the year.
How can I help my child?
Good websites:
Other things you can do:
Read a range of texts for enjoyment at home.
Talk through their homework projects and help them manage their time when completing projects.