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Key Stage 3


Key Stage 3 Topics



Year 7

Year 8

Year 9




My Spaces:
Studying our area, country, continent and world.
a. Spain here we come!
Investigating tourism
b. Coast to Coast:
Examining Coastal Processes.
c. World without oil:
Looking at our current and future energy mix.
a. Living on the Edge: Studying the causes and effects of hazards
b. Ice Wilderness: 
A study of Antarctica.




Water World:

Studying rivers and flooding.

a. Welcome to Earth Village:
A study of population and migration.
b.Shrinking World:
Examining globalisation with a focus on fair trade.
a. Lungs of the Earth:


investigating the causes and effects of hazards 
b. Geography of Crime:

Investigating crime




City; Past, Present and Future:

Looking at how cities change over time.

a. Wicked Weather:
Looking at weather extremes.
b. Africa!:
Investigating diversity.
a. A Land divided:  
Looking at conflicts around the world 
b. Worlds apart:

Examining the differences in levels of development.

How is Geography assessed?

Year 8 and 9 classes are set in Geography but year 7 is taught in tutor groups. There will be a Geography assessment every half term to assess progress in terms of Geographical knowledge and skills.  

                                                               How can I help my child?
Encourage them to keep up to date with the News locally and globally. Websites such as and are good resources