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Key Stage 3

Key Stage 3 Topics
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Year 9
Students develop understanding of instruments along with vocal and instrumental skills and use the elements for composing.
Students continue to develop rhythmic, vocal and keyboard skills as well as developing an understanding Reggae and Indian music.
Students develop an understanding of minimalist music through performing, composing and listening, as well as using the program Sibelius.
Students continue to develop rhythm singing and keyboard skills as well as understanding of melody and chords. The listening focus this term is on instruments.
Students develop their understanding of chords and composition through activities based around the 12 bar blues and programmatic music.
Students learn how to analyse music and develop their understanding of music theory. Keyboard and composition skills are also developed.
Students look at how music is structured and how to develop melodic ideas. Students will also develop their understanding of world music.
The emphasis this term is on composing music for films developing understanding of major and minor tonalities.
Students develop their understanding of music technology through song writing and using ‘Sibelius’ for an arranging task.
How is Music assessed?

For each half term there is an assessment of the work undertaken. Students are made aware of the area in which they are to be assessed and the criteria for assessment are shared with them.

How can I help my child?

Encourage your child to listen to and discuss music with you – what do they like/dislike? Why? Encourage them to use musical vocabulary.

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