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Key Stage 3

The science curriculum at Sir John Leman High School is diverse to meet the needs of all students inclusive of ability, interest and future aspirations. At KS3 students follow a context based scheme of work with topics such as X Factor, Roswell, Dr Who and Spooks. This scheme of work is designed to develop an inquiring mind and spark an interest in the subject as well as cover all the key concepts of Chemistry, Physics and Biology required to build on at KS4. At KS4 we run 3 courses; Triple Science, Combined Science and a BTEC in Applied Science as a vocational route. At KS5 we have pathways for all students to take including A Levels in Chemistry, Physics and Biology and the Level 3 BTEC in Applied Science. Our ethos is ‘Science for All’ and our aim is to maintain and develop a curriculum that supports this.   


Key Stage 3 Topics in Science


Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

Welcome to Science

(An introduction to the

practical skills required in Science)


(Volcanoes, fossils,

meteorites and of course plenty of huge extinct reptiles)

Embarrassing Bodies

(From an egg to a

grandparent; the human life cycle)


(There’s been a crime and only your scientific skills can solve it)

X Factor

(Investigate the strange events in the X Factor house)

The Gadget Show

(Learn what makes gadgets work)


(The complete science of fireworks)

Dr Who

(Defend the Earth from the Galactic council and from human activity)


(Something strange has landed on the planet; but what is it?)

Superstar Protection

(How will you protect a number 1 superstar?)

Invisible World

(Science: it’s all around you but you cannot see it)

Lost World

(How will you survive on the island; is there any hope of escape?)

Before Christmas:

Top Gear

(The physics behind speeding cars)


(How is pressure useful when designing machines)


(Develop scientific enquiry
& practical skills whilst solving some scientific problems)


After Christmas:

GCSE Biology,

Chemistry and


Or BTEC Applied




How is Science assessed?


In Years 7 and 8 pupils will study a topic for ten lessons. The first nine lessons will be a blend of Biology, Chemistry and Physics linked to the topic in a contextual way. The tenth lesson will be a written assessment. There are two levels of assessment to allow all pupils to be successful in their own right.


In Year 9, pupils will start the year completing 3 transition units with the aim to improve their exam skills and to introduce them to the Science controlled assessments. This will allow a smooth transition for when they embark upon their Key stage 4 courses after Christmas. Based upon KS3 performance, decisions will be made about which course is the most appropriate for each pupil to study in Year 10 and 11.



How can I help my child?


·         Encourage them to do their best with their homework.


·         Encourage and help them to revise.


·         Communicate with teachers and support their efforts with your child.


·         Be aware of deadlines and dates.


·         Encourage the use of regular revision using website such as BBC Bitesize and SAM learning.


·         Ask them about Science articles in the news and let them tell you what they know.


Check emails.