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Key Stage 3
(Years 7-9)


At Key Stage 3 we provide a broad and balanced curriculum with Year 7 students spending 1 day per week working on cross-curricular themes with a focus on developing their skills for learning, finding out about effective ways to study, using different skills in different contexts etc.  This extends into Year 8 with a half-day per fortnight, enabling their skills to be more finely honed and with a BTEC qualification to acknowledge success by the end of Year 9.

On entry to the school students are placed in mixed ability  tutor groups. For the majority of lessons, teaching groups will be mixed ability. In the core subjects; Mathematics, English and Science students are set according to ability based on a range of data, with each of these curriculum areas taking  responsibility for how and when they set students. Sets are regularly reviewed with movement between sets occurring when appropriate. In Year 7 the MFL provision is French for all students, with those showing greater linguistic talent, taking up Spanish in Year 8.

In addition to the above, Latin is offered to students achieving a high level in English at Key Stage 2.
All students in this Key Stage will study: