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Key Stage 3


The world in which we live is likely to change more in the next 50 years than it has ever done before. Geography explains why, and helps to prepare you for those changes. The transferable skills which geography fosters are an asset in the complex world of employment today. Geography is about the future and encourages flexible thinking, providing a firm basis for life-long learning. Compared to other subjects, Geography graduates are among the most employable. In part this is because the subject combines a knowledge of science and an understanding of the arts.


Here at SJLHS, we feel that educational visits are central to developing knowledge and understanding of the world around us. We offer an educational visit to our local area to every student in all years from year 7 through to GCSE and sixth form.    
Key Stage 3 Topics in Geography


Year 7

Year 8

Year 9




My Spaces:
Studying our area, country, continent and world.
a. Spain here we come!
Investigating tourism
b. Coast to Coast:
Examining Coastal Processes.
c. World without oil:
Looking at our current and future energy mix.
a. Living on the Edge: Studying the causes and effects of hazards
b. Ice Wilderness: 
A study of Antarctica.




Water World:

Studying rivers and flooding.

a. Welcome to Earth Village:
A study of population and migration.
b.Shrinking World:
Examining globalisation with a focus on fair trade.
a. Lungs of the Earth:


investigating the causes and effects of hazards 
b. Geography of Crime:

Investigating crime




City; Past, Present and Future:

Looking at how cities change over time.

a. Wicked Weather:
Looking at weather extremes.
b. Africa!:
Investigating diversity.
a. A Land divided:


Looking at conflicts around the world 
b. Worlds apart:

Examining the differences in levels of development.

How is Geography assessed?

Year 8 and 9 classes are set in Geography but year 7 is taught in tutor groups. There will be a Geography assessment every half term to assess progress in terms of Geographical knowledge and skills.  

How can I help my child?


Encourage them to keep up to date with the News locally and globally. Websites such as and are good resources.
Subject Leader: Mrs D Harrod  (