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Religious Studies
Key Stage 3

 Key Stage 3 Topics in RE   

In Religious Studies at Sir John Leman High School students are introduced to the six major world religions.  They will learn about how the main world religions are founded and will be able to explain their key beliefs and practices.  In Year 9 they will study an Introduction to Philosophy of Religion and Ethics, before preparing to start their GCSE RS course in Years 10 and 11.  Every student will achieve a full GCSE qualification in this subject and some will also go on to study for an A Level.

Year 7
Year 8
Year 9
Judaism through Stories, the History of the Hebrew people in the Old Testament
The society and customs of Hinduism
An introduction to the Philosophy of Religion
Christianity, analysing the message and person of Jesus and the early Christians.
A way of life; the teachings of Buddhism
Making Moral Decisions
An introduction to Islamic History and practices.
The beginnings and struggles of Sikhism
Drug abuse 
The Religious attitudes towards Prejudice and Discrimination and War
Philosophical Enquiry
Miracles and the problem of evil 
How is Religious Studies assessed? 


There will assessments each half term, with questions pitched at different levels in order to assess key skills within the subject.


How can I help my child?


Encourage extended learning.

Discuss the themes covered.

Ask about the lessons, feedback is welcomed.