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Key Stage 3


The Drama and Performing Arts Department at Sir John Leman High School is a lively and thriving department which prides itself on the high quality of learning and teaching that it offers at all Key Stages.

The study of Drama and Performing Arts encourages learners to develop their skills in communication and collaboration, allowing them to develop the interpersonal skills that are necessary for success both in a school setting and in the wider community. Our cross curricular links with departments such as English, History and Religious Studies mean that a variety of practical strategies can be used to support academic study.

The department offers a variety of opportunities to devise and perform work and there are several public performances each year built into both the Key Stage 4 and 5 programmes of study. All year groups are able to participate in extra-curricular clubs run by the department, including Dance, Drama and Musical Theatre Clubs and the School’s Gospel Choir.

 Key Stage 3 Topics in Drama


Year 7

Year 8

Year 9




Students are introduced to the key elements of Drama. The focus is to explore and understand the process of characterisation. This is achieved through improvisation and devised practical work

Students will use Physical Theatre to explore the key elements of Drama. They will demonstrate their understanding of Physical Theatre by devising from a stimulus.

Students will learn how to create a well-crafted piece of Physical Theatre through workshops and practical demonstrations. They will develop their performance skills through rehearsal and peer assessment.




Students will explore costume and set design through the medium of musical theatre. They will create their own designs and will demonstrate their use through a practical assignment.

Students are introduced to script work. They will learn how to interpret script and to translate script to stage. Students will be given opportunities to act and direct.

Students will use a variety of play scripts to explore genre and style. They will use their practical skills to demonstrate their understanding of the given genres.




Students will study different historical periods and will create practical work to demonstrate mythical creatures and to identify with significant historical events.

Students will study a variety of scripts from Shakespeare to contemporary playwrights. The focus of this term will be acting skills. Students will play a variety of roles to enhance their characterisation skills.

Students will interpret script and create drama for performance. They will evaluate the differences between creating devised Drama and working from a script.


How is Drama assessed?

Each unit of study is assessed at the end, students will be aware of the assessment criteria.

How can I help my child?

Encourage your child to see local productions and to read play scripts of their own choosing.

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