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Key Stage 4

Information Communication Technology and Computing is very important in todays world. We now live in a world where computers are everywhere and are invading our lives in ways we can't even imagine. 
Currently we have around 450 networked computers in the school that students have access to. This gives a ratio of about 3:1 students to computers, which is very good. We have 11 designated ICT rooms and the other computers are spread out throught the school in department areas. On top of this all teaching rooms have a networked computer linked to a digital projector and sound system for class use.
Core ICT
Funtional Skills

What is it about?


Functional skills are designed to equip learners with the skills to operate confidently, effectively and independently in education, work and everyday life. They have been designed in response to employers’ perceptions that many students are not achieving a firm enough grounding in the basics.


 What sort of work is done?


Functional Skills ICT at Levels 1 and 2, aims to ensure that each individual is:


·        confident and capable when using ICT systems and tools

·        able to find and select information

·        able to develop, present and communicate information in both life and work.


For each level, realistic contexts have been designed so that learners develop the functionality they need.


How is it examined?


It is externally assessed with a controlled assessment.

The two hour assessment is split into two sections:


·        The first section involves using the internet to find and select information.

·        The second section involves working with numbers, creating a digital product and using communication tools.


Learners must pass the assessment at their chosen level in order to achieve the award for Functional Skills ICT.


How much time would I spend doing ICT Functional skills?


This is part of the core curriculum and will be one 100 minutes lesson per fortnight over the two years.


 What qualification will I get?  What could it lead to?


Students have the opportunity to achieve the award for Function Skills ICT to either Level 1 or Level 2. 


From Functional Skills ICT you could go on to study A Levels in Electronics, ICT, Applied ICT or Computing. Or go on to study Apprenticeships or Diplomas in Engineering or Cambridge Technicals in IT (levels 2 and 3).


Career directions might include Games Developer, Web Designer, Network Manager, Teaching, IT Help and Support, IT Analysis, and many more.