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Business Studies
Key Stage 4

Business Studies at SJLHS is a popular subject within a well resourced department.
The importance of studying Business Studies should not be underestimated. Hopefully all students that leave school, college or universtiy will find employment. Therefore many of the concepts and skills you learn in Business Studies will be of direct use to you later in life! Business related subjects are amongst the most heavily subscribed university and college courses, this is due to the transferrable skills gained in them essential for finding a prosperous career.

Business Studies is relevant to all areas of working life, whether setting up your own business, or working in someone else’s business, the skills and concepts you learn in Business Studies will be useful. Business Studies is about how companies operate, how they affect the environment around them and how they make a profit.

How it is examined

The course is split into 3 units:

Unit 1: Setting up a Business (Written Paper (1 hour) - 40%)

Unit 2: Growing as a Business (Written Paper (1 hour) - 35%)

Unit 3: Investigating a business (Coursework (Controlled Assessment) - 25%)


Y10 units

·        Business ownership

·        Enterprise

·        Marketing

·        People in business


Y11 units

·        Finance

·        Operations


Controlled assessment

A different controlled assessment task will be set by the examining board each year. This is completed in year 11. Dedicated lesson time is given to research and prepare for the task. The final presentation of your coursework is carried out under controlled conditions.
Business Studies students have followed a number of different career paths and study routes
A number of students go on to study A Level Business Studies and/ or Economics. Following their A Levels a number have gone on to university to study Business or Economics related courses and some find employment. A number of our A Level students have successfully found apprenticeships; a popular vocation historically, has been accountancy.
Whether or not students study A Level Business Studies or Economics, GCSE Business Studies gives students a number of transferrable business skills that they will be able to utilise in their chosen careers, such as finance, people management and marketing.