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Key Stage 4

BTEC Level 1/2 Award in Sport
What is it about?  

You will learn and develop your understanding of the theoretical aspects of Physical Education and Sport.  As the course is vocational, all the work has a work related environment to it. It is about improving your skills through performance of a range of sports.


What sort of work is done? 


There are a number of different units that can be chosen for the course. Each unit is taught and assessed differently. Delivery of assignments vary and may be word processes, power point presentations or producing a short video. At least one unit is assessed by an online external  exam.

The following units of work may be offered:   


·        Fitness Testing and Training (Online external exam)

·        Anatomy and Physiology 

·        Practical Sport  

·        Nutrition for Sports Performance 

·        Planning & Leading Sports Activities  

·        Planning and Running a Sports Event


How is it examined? 

Most units have an assignment attached to it. For each assignment you will have to meet certain criteria to achieve Pass, Merit and Distinction.  As there is no final exam, every assignment has to be completed at least at the Pass level for you to achieve your final grades.


How much time would I spend doing the Award in Sport? 

The qualification is equivalent to 1 GCSE, therefore you will be taught over 3 hours per fortnight. As three quarters of the work you do is coursework based, there will be a big emphasis on hand-in deadlines, therefore work not completed in lesson time may run over into practical time.


From BTEC in Sport - You may continue to study Level 3 Award in Sport or A‐Level PE at Sir John Leman Sixth Form.


Career Directions – Teaching, Coaching, Instructing, Sports psychology, nutrition or fitness industry.