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Key Stage 4

Students will study this course for two years, 300 minutes per fortnight in lessons.


Candidates will be awarded one GCSE grade on a scale A* to G.


Subject content - the course involves learning about…..

  •       The materials, tools, equipment and processes involved with the use of Textiles
  • Ÿ    Health and safety when handling Textiles
  • Ÿ    Designing and making creative, good quality textile products
  • Ÿ    Social, moral, cultural and environmental issues relating to Textiles product design
  • Ÿ    The impact that Textiles have on the environment
  • Ÿ    Industrial production of Textiles including CAD/CAM
  • Ÿ    The design, development, manufacture and evaluation of Textile products



Practical work


Students are assessed on their practical making skills as part of their GCSE qualification.  For the examined units it is important that they have a good understanding of how textiles function.  Students will be involved in practical activities - sometimes we will provide materials but students will also have the chance to source their own if they wish.




Two ‘controlled assessments’


i)       A571 30% of the total GCSE - involving the design and manufacture of a prototype functional Textiles product - 20 hours - [October - February ­Year 10]

ii)      A573 30% of the total GCSE - involving the design and manufacture of a creative and quality Textile product - 20 hours - [September - February - Year 11]



One Examination Paper

i)        A575 – 40% of the total GCSE – questions based on the ‘Sustainability and technical aspects of Designing and Making’  [1 hour, 30 minutes]




Controlled Assessment


Because this represents 60% of the final GCSE grade it is very important that students achieve as highly as they can.  To support them we offer the following:

  • Ÿ    Regular stage marking and feedback on their progress with the chance to make improvements via GO4schools
  • Ÿ    Exemplar work and writing frames for guidance
  • Ÿ    Letters sent home to parents/carers of those students whose progress we are concerned about
  • Ÿ    Focussed ‘intervention’ for those who may fall behind
  • Ÿ    After school support sessions on Wednesdays from 3.15 - 4.15 pm


Useful books to support the course and revision


  • Ÿ [exam board website which contains the specification, specimen assessment materials and exemplar materials
  • Ÿ    OCR Design & Technology for GCSE: Textiles Technology [pub. Hodder]
  • Ÿ    CGP Textiles Technology for OCR - The Revision guide
  • Ÿ    Course leader Alison Fawkes


How [parents/carers might help]


Supporting with organisation for lessons, encouraging youngsters to undertake practical Textiles related activities at home, sharing their Textiles ‘experience’ and ‘expertise’ with their youngsters.