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“I am the Head Boy of Sir John Leman School and Sixth Form, and this experience has proven to be one of the most enjoyable of my life and also one of my proudest achievements.


I studied at Sir John Leman High School and I was supported extremely well throughout my GCSEs, leading me to credit the school and its committed staff for the impressive grades I attained. I’ve always wanted to study medicine at university, therefore I had to study A-levels and despite what older students had told me, I didn’t find the decision of where to study difficult at all. I knew that by studying at Sir John Leman Sixth Form I would have access to all of the academic, university-related and emotional support I required to successfully progress to the next chapter in my life. Besides this, I knew just how dedicated the staff were and that I would have so much fun during my time here.


The balance struck within the Sixth Form couldn’t be better in my opinion. You experience the independent, mature environment of any college, alongside the pleasure of belonging to a friendly and successful school community. However, with exclusive social areas (including a Sixth Form and staff café), computer rooms and other facilities the amount of interaction you have with the lower school really is up to you. Whether you studied in the lower school or you attended a different high school, everybody meets new people and makes new, lasting friendships. As students of the Sixth Form, we organise a range of regular events often to raise money for different charities, but always to have fun.


After studying here for nearly two years now, it’s amazing to see how much I’ve achieved and what fantastic memories I’ve made. I have no doubt in saying that Sir John Leman Sixth Form was the best possible destination for my A-level study. I will leave with a wealth of new skills, a clear direction for my career and so much gratitude for all of the students and staff alike.”


Marcus Dyer

“Hi, I’m Lucie and I’m Head Girl at Sir John Leman High School and Sixth Form - a place that I’m very proud to be a part of and a role that I feel extremely privileged to have been given.


Having been a student at Sir John Leman High School since Year 9, this made my decision easier when it came to deciding where to study beyond GCSE. I soon realised during my time in year 11 that A Levels were the path that I wanted to take, and due to my passion for languages I knew that this was the area I was keen on developing, ultimately at university. When it came to applying for sixth form, I knew that there was only one place which would be suitable for me and my learning style. Throughout my time at the school I had built up relationships with teachers which I knew could not be matched anywhere else, hence making my decision a very simple one. I obtained GCSE grades that I was extremely proud of as a result of not only my own hard work and dedication, but also the endless help and support from a number of teachers. For me, there was no option which could compare to Sir John Leman Sixth Form. The staff here knew what I was capable of and I therefore knew that they would be able to push me in order to achieve to the best of my ability, and hence reach many of my goals, such as applying to the leading universities for French and Spanish. With the staff of Sir John Leman High School, I surpassed my own expectations at GCSE and I had no doubt that they would help me to do the same at A Level.


During my time in sixth form, I have realised that there are so many more aspects to life as a sixth former than I was previously aware of. Throughout my time in Year 12 I decided to participate in Learning Support sessions, which gave me the chance to obtain experience with children from the younger year groups of the school, whilst also passing on my passion for languages to a new generation of learners and developing skills which I could not have done elsewhere. This has also been complemented by my involvement in both Whole School and Sixth Form Councils - an opportunity to have your voice heard and have an impact on the way the school operates, whilst also working as part of a team in order to make a difference. It is evident that there is so much variety on offer here - not only do you receive an incredible education, but also an environment in which you can have fun whilst doing it.


The decision to stay at Sir John Leman High School for my sixth form study was the best decision I could have made. The environment, the staff and a positive attitude can get you a long way, and it is thanks to Sir John Leman High School and Sixth Form that I am the person I am today. People always say that school years are the best years of your life, and for me this couldn’t be more true.”


Lucie Hunter