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This course will provide an insight into many aspects of human behaviour and the effect that genetics and the environment have on the way we behave. It is a STEM science that encourages students to develop transferable skills in research, evaluation, analysis, comparison and many other areas. There are many specialist careers in Psychology including; clinical, educational, sports and forensic to give some examples.

Psychology is a good foundation subject for other University courses and excellent preparation for many careers. Examples include the caring professions such as medicine, nursing, social work, child care and counselling; legal professions including police and solicitors; areas of business, especially advertising, marketing and human relations; teaching at both primary and secondary levels.


Course Structure

In year 1 students will look at some of the core topics in Psychology. These will cover the content of paper 1 and some of paper 2 and facilitate the skills, and some of the content, required for year 2 topics. The topics covered in year 1 are; Social Influence, Memory, Attachment, Psychopathology, Approaches to Psychology and Research Methods.

In year 2 students will further their study of the core topic Research Methods, adding to their knowledge from year 1. Students will also cover the core topics of Issues and Debates and Biopsychology. Finally, they will cover three option topics; Stress, Cognitive Development and Addiction.

To complete the A level students will sit three exam papers. Paper 1; Social Influence, Memory, Attachment and Psychopathology. Paper 2; Approaches, Biopsychology and Research methods. Paper 3; Issues and Debates, Stress, Cognitive Development and Addiction. Each paper is 2 hours long and is made up of a range of short answer and essay questions.


Extended Learning

Students are encouraged to extend their knowledge of the topic areas through specified extension activities to their classwork, or through reading more in-depth articles on the topics they are studying in the Psychological Review.


Examining Body




Entry Criteria


Ideally Grade 5 GCSE English Language, Grade 5 GCSE

Maths and Grade C GCSE Science


Course Leader


Miss L Barnes