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Sociology is the study of society and human behaviour. This course is designed to equip students with knowledge of how our society works by looking at various aspects of our lives. It will do this by using both classical and modern theories of Sociology and by examining the effect of social class, ethnicity, gender, age and other factors on life chances. It also considers the role of government and other agencies in the provision of services and how social policy affects various aspects of life.


As part of the course students will be encouraged to develop transferable skills in research, evaluation, analysis, comparison and many other areas. An A level in Sociology is welcomed as a good foundation subject for a wide range of degree courses, for example; law, policing, politics and criminology. Sociology is excellent preparation for many careers. Examples include the caring professions such as nursing, social work, childcare and counselling; legal professions including police and solicitors; areas of business, especially human resources and human relations and teaching at both primary and secondary levels.





AS Level Course Structure



Students will cover the content of two examined papers by looking at the topics; Education, Methods within the context of Education, Research Methods and Families and Households. Students sitting the AS level will sit two one and a half hour papers; worth 50% of the AS level each.




A Level Course Structure



Students who complete the A level will cover the AS course content and will also study Beliefs in Society as a further topic option for paper two, and will also complete a third paper. In paper three students will look at the topics Crime and Deviance and Theory and Methods. Students sitting the full A level will sit three two hour papers worth one third of the full A level each. Paper one and part of paper two will be the same content as the AS Level with more complex questions.




Extended Learning



Students are expected to build their knowledge of current affairs that are of particular social interest and to develop their awareness of government and politics and the ideologies behind policies and actions by watching or reading the news on a regular basis. Students are also encouraged to look at the topic areas in more depth in the Sociological Review.






Entry Criteria

Ideally Grade 5 GCSE

English Language


Course Leader

Miss. L. Barnes