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Media skills and knowledge can be used in careers such as journalism, game design, advertising and broadcasting. This course is for creative, practical people who are seeking to stretch their abilities through the application of research and academic knowledge. Prospective students should be open to experiencing forms of media outside their usual habits and should expect to become active rather than passive media consumers. Self-motivation, problem solving, determination and a willingness to develop organisational skills are essential throughout the course.




AS Level Course Structure



Students are taught how to analyse media texts through the application of theoretical key concepts (Institutions, Audiences, Representations and Forms) and critical debate. Students are also introduced to the production processes involved in different media platforms (E-Media, Broadcast and Print).


Students will have the opportunity to create fully realised products applying their knowledge of key concepts from across the three platforms. Students will be expected to construct research folders and evaluate their own products through an engaged analysis process.


Investigations into media texts throughout the year will culminate in a written examination which explores texts that are culturally and historically varied. Questions will concentrate on the key concepts as outlined above as well as delving into cross-platform debates and issues surrounding the texts.




A Level Course Structure



Students will be expected to build up a greater awareness of media issues and debates and apply this to a wide range of varied media Texts. A deeper level of academic theory will be explored advancing the students audio-visual literacy.


Students will be aspiring to create near professional products that have a clear justification within the modern media world. Beyond this students will be expected to critically investigate chosen topics advancing their research skills and preparing them for higher levels of education.


A written examination at the end of the year will once again explore media texts of varied subject matter. Students will utilise the wider debate, theory and issues surrounding the key concepts. Students will comment on the cross-cultural factors and the effects of globalisation.




Extended Learning



Regular practical and analytical tasks to complete outside of lessons. Students are also expected to keep themselves up to date with contemporary media issues and debates.



Entry Criteria

level 3 Sixth Form

entry requirements


Course Leader

Mr. S. Mullinger