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Dear Parent,


I am writing to you as Chairman of the School Governance Committee (SGC) to introduce you to the role of the SGC so that as a parent of a child attending Ayios Nikolaos Primary School (ANPS) you understand what the SGC does on your behalf and how you can interact with us.


MOD schools overseas, including ANPS, are run by Service Children’s Education (SCE) and have different governance arrangements than UK schools.  SCE provides much of the governance that would normally be provided by School Governors in the UK, such as hiring staff and setting budgets.  The SGC in an SCE school, including the SGC here at ANPS, fulfils a softer governance role in supporting the staff and pupils by enabling parents and the wider service community to contribute to the strategic direction of the school in order to continuously improve the provision of education for our children.  We do this by holding meetings at least once a term to discuss the head teacher’s termly report, academic performance, school policies, finance and budgets, future plans and any other issues that are affecting the school.  SGC members regularly visit the school to see for themselves how the school feels and to study specific aspects of school life. 


Crucially, the key element that they provide is an independent perspective for the staff and parents.  The SGC also provide an independent body for parents to raise concerns to should they be unhappy with how the school has dealt with an issue.  

The SGC draws its members from parents, staff members and specialist advisors; we strongly encourage the involvement of parents in the SGC and school life in general.  Experience in education and childcare is covered by the more professional members but the voice and independence of ‘normal’ parents is equally essential.  Membership is naturally fluid as it is fed by the constant assignments in and out of station so new members are always needed.  Anyone wishing to join the SGC should talk to an existing member, the head teacher or to me and you are more than welcome. If you have anything you wish to raise with us you can follow the same system; details of current SGC members can be found on the school website.


We are very lucky to have such a great school at Ay Nik Station and it is an integral part of the Station community. As with every other part of the community that is so strong here, it needs your continued engagement to gain the very best from it.  The SGC is your link to into the school and I heartily encourage you to use us as that vital link or to join us and continue to improve on the high standards that our children benefit from. 


Nat Baker


SGC Chair and Station Commander.

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