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Please find key BHCC guidance documents to the left of this page. Email if you cannot find the documents you are searching for.

Brighton & Hove guidance documents:

A Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education Programme of Study for Key Stages 1-4 for Brighton & Hove Schools, 2014

This document provides a recommended PSHE education Programme of Study for all schools in Brighton & Hove. It is based on guidance from the PSHE Association and incorporates best practice from Ofsted, Brighton & Hove City Council and schools. Further PSHE education curriculum planning tools and resources can be found on Pier2Peer in the secondary, primary and special school folders under the specific aspect of PSHE education ie relationships and sex education. Word versions of the Programme of Study are provided to support curriculum planning.

Responding to drug and alcohol related incidents: Advice for Brighton & Hove Schools, Academies and Colleges, 2012

This guidance and its accompanying flow-charts is intended to support schools to deal with drug and alcohol related incidents. The content of this guidance is relevant to all settings, although the flow-chart is more useful in secondary schools and Colleges. The guidance is regularly updated. Guidance on the teaching of drug and alcohol education can be found in the PSHE Education Programme of Study above and in national guidance. We also recommend the MentorUK website and its Quality standards for effective alcohol education.

Relationships and sex education: guidance for Brighton & Hove educational settings, 2015
All schools have received three copies of this guidance. It is available to download from this page or to use electronically by clicking on the section required from the contents page of the web version of the document. 
Visitor Guidelines

PSHE Education can be enriched by the use of external visitors and contributors, but a range of issues need to be considered prior to using a visitor and careful planing needs to take place. The guidelines can support this process.

Exemplar PSHE Education Policy (incoporating Drug and Alcohol Education and Relationships and Sex Education)

You will find on this page an exemplar PSHE Education Policy that schools and other settings can adapt to reflect practice. This exemplar will be updated in response to feedback from schools and any changes in local or national guidance. Please email if you would like support in reviewing your school policies and or make use of these documents:

Creating a PSHE policy for your school: TES
Reviewing your drug and alcohol policy: Toolkit for Schools; MentorUK
Drafting your SRE policy: guidance from the PSHE Association

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