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 Supporting students overall well-being


Here at SJLHS we recognise that for some students, school is not always an easy experience. They occasionally face social and emotional challenges which can impede on their learning; for these more vulnerable students our involvement might need to be intensified, and to this purpose we have non-teaching Pastoral Year Heads and Academic Mentors.


This support provides a framework from which we operate to offer a more intensive level of attention for our more vulnerable or anxious students. We work closely with the Pastoral Managers and outside agencies to offer a comprehensive package of support allowing students the opportunity to share their worries or concerns with a member of staff who can gently encourage them to re-engage with mainstream school, whilst keeping long term contact with the student if necessary. We can offer temporary modified timetables to support. Every student is very much an individual and their needs are assessed as such. The two areas work in partnership, ensuring the best possible outcomes for pupils who access our services.