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Product Design

Key Stage 4

GCSE Product Design Course Content

In Year 10 Product Design students are introduced to a range of designing skills, including research, communication, planning and evaluation, in parallel with developing their abilities in manufacturing quality products from a range of materials. This is delivered through a series of design challenges which introduce students to brand identity, design history, quantity manufacture and the use of advanced manufacturing technologies. Towards the end of the Summer term students select from a list, including self-assembly furniture, child’s toy and  designer influences,  their own design challenge to form the basis of their GCSE controlled assessment.



Controlled Assessment 60%

Portfolio and practical outcome including:

1 Investigating the design context

2 Development of design proposals (including modelling)

3 Making

4 Testing and evaluation

5 Communication


Date of controlled assessment deadlines

Mid April 2017 of Year 11


Written Examinations 40%

One exam at the end of Year 11. 2 hours covering:

·         Materials and Components

·         Design and Market Influences

·         Processes and Manufacture


Useful textbooks/websites


GCSE revising guides

AQA Design & Technology: Product Design ISBN978-1-4085-0276-1


How parents/carers can help

  • Help to work on folders at home
  • Use of a computer at home
  • Completion of set extended learning / past questions