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 Classical Civilisation 



Classical Civilisation allows students to understand the ancient civilisations that gave us the foundation of western thought and ideas. Students will study the ancient world through text and objects in order to recreate the world in which Romans and Greeks lived. This then becomes a mirror with which we can see the cultures and ideas of the modern world.

Classical Civilisation gives you a chance to apply many different skills in different contexts; in particular you will become more analytical and culturally aware during the course. Logic, rhetoric and intercultural skills are only some of the skills that make Classicists so sought after at universities and in the work place. This is a course well-suited to a curious mind and someone who enjoys analysis and discussion.


Course Structure

There are 3 modules to be studied as part of the course and there is an emphasis on looking at original texts, buildings and art to understand how the Greeks lived. Students will be assessed by written exams.

The World of the Hero (40%) We will study Homer’s Odyssey, a text considered as the foundation of the Greek culture, as well as the foundation of the Western civilisation. We will be entering a world of adventure, monsters, heroes and revenge and consider what it means to be religious, to be good hosts, to be a hero. The foundation epic of Rome, the Aeneid is studied allowing us to consider how literature has evolved between the times of the Romans and the Greeks and how the Roman perception of the ideal hero, the ideal family man and the idea of fate differs from that portrayed in the Odyssey.

Greek Theatre (30%) We will study the physical theatre space used by the Greeks to stage dramas, and also depictions of this staging in the visual/material record. This is coupled with an in– depth study of 3 plays. The themes and concepts explored by these plays are of significant relevance and interest as much to the modern audience as they were to that of the original performance.

Love and Relationship (30%) Through ancient sources as wide ranging as pottery, philosophical texts and love poetry, we will consider different perceptions of the ideal relationship.


Extended Learning

This will include pre-reading of set texts, learning the ideas and features of the material and considering the themes of the ancient world. The work can take many forms, including exam-style questions or mind maps. Students are also expected to keep up to date with new developments in the field of Classics and will be supported in this regard.


Examining Body




Entry Criteria


level 3 Sixth Form entry requirements


Course Leader


Mr H Lee