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Key Stage 3


Students are invited to learn Latin based on their end-of-year 6 national test results, specifically the English results.


Our teaching is based on the Cambridge Latin Course (CLC), which is divided into stages.



Year 7

Year 8

Year 9


CLC stages 1-4

Introduction to Pompeii

CLC stages 11-13

Roman elections and Vesuvius

CLC stages 19-21

Roman Egypt

Bath (Aquae Sulis)


CLC stages 5-7

Roman theatre and slavery

CLC stages 14-16

Roman Britain

CLC stages 22-4

Roman religion and travel and communication


CLC stages 8-10

Gladiators, baths and Greek culture

CLC stages 17-18

Roman Alexandria

(Preparation for level 1 exam)

CLC stages 25-28

The Roman Army


How is Latin assessed


Students are assessed on their ability to translate and understand a Latin text once every term. The level of the language assessed is matched with how much Latin grammar they have learnt. There are also regular vocabulary tests.


It is anticipated that some students may be ready to take a Level 1 exam (roughly half as challenging as a GCSE) by the end of year 8 or year 9. The department will enter students for the level 1 exam when they are on course to achieve at least a “B” grade in the exam.


How can I help my child


Encourage them to use the Cambridge Latin Course website or Quizlet to help them improve their grammar and vocabulary. You can also test them on their Latin vocabulary!