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This Shadow Forest project has taken about two weeks to perfect. It has been very hard work but also enjoyable, and hopefully rewarding.

Fifty schools won the first part of this competition for which we had to write about a treasure quest. If we win the second half we will be able to go to London for a day out. We go to the award's ceremony to see the winning author receiving their prize.

We had to make a box that has a lid and pops open. The box unravels and there is an invitation to this game inside. The judges that will open it will get a password and login to get to the Shadow Forest adventure story.

There are lots of links to get to the other pages. We got into groups to make three pages each. We all helped each other very much and if we didn't this project wouldn't be as good as it is!

At the end there are three different endings. One is Samuel's bad ending, another is Martha's bad ending. However, the one you want to get is the happy ending where Martha and Samuel find each other and go back to their Aunt's house.

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