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KS3 @ Archway Science Department

From September 2010 all pupils will follow the Exploring Science Scheme.

Pupil assessment will be in the form of the end of unit tests, to assess understanding the scientific content and concepts, through homework and some class work will both be assessed against the Assessment of Pupil Progress (‘APP’) criteria. Every pupil will be assessed a number of times each year on their ability to:

  • think scientifically
  • understand the applications and implications of Science
  • communicate scientific material and consider the value of scientific data
  • use investigative approaches
  • and work with scientific evidence in a critical way.

There will still be end of year exam at the end of each academic year.

In Year 7 students will study 10 modules, increasing to 12 modules per years in 8 and 9. In a year you cover Biology topics, Chemistry and Physics topics. These are taught in different orders depending which teaching group you are in.

Year 7

Year 8

Year 9


A - Tissue & transplants

A - Food, Glorious food

A - Science and Fiction

B - Sex & science

B - Going fir gold

B - A model Career

C - Doctors and Diseases

C - On the farm

D - Classified

D - The way of the Dodo

D- Crime Scene investigations


E - Acids and Alkalis

E - Water

E - Building for the future

F - Bubbles, bangs, burning

F - Materials and recycling

F - Sculpture park

G - What a waste

G - All that glitters

G - Cleaning Up

H - Explaining the Earth

H - Flying Materials


I - Energy & sustainable living

I - Heat transfers

I - Buying Energy

J - Electrical circuits

J - Forces and transport

J - Satellites and space

K - Forces & their effects

K - Light

K - Record Breakers

L - The Solar System and beyond

L - Sound and hearing

L - Dam it!

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