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Work Experience 2016

The Year 10 Work Experience dates for 2016 are:

Monday 11th to Friday 15th July 2016


Please make sure your work experience agreement form is in school BEFORE your placement starts.


Work Experience Update for parents and students from the work experience co-ordinator...

Work Experience is upon us, starting next week 11th to 15th July.

We hope all of our Year 10 students have a successful and fulfilling time at their placements.

A couple of things to remember for next week...

Should your child be ill during the work experience week and unable to go to their placement, please contact both the employer AND school.

Please ensure that your son/ daughter brings their completed work experience journal back into school for the PD lesson w/c 18th July. These journals and the student's performance will be graded and form important evidence of their work experience in the future.

Most importantly - work hard, have a great time on your placement and enjoy learning some new employability skills!


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