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Religious Education at Exmouth Community College

Religion at Exmouth Community College is regarded as an integral part of the school curriculum, essential to any child’s complete and thorough education. Religion may be seen as a particular and distinctive way of interpreting experience and mode of understanding and to study religion is the entitlement of each child. Religious Education at Exmouth Community College seeks to implement the aims and objectives of the Education Reform Act 1988 and specifically those of the New Agreed Syllabus for Religion in Devon.

Therefore within Exmouth Community College Religion aims:
• To promote the spiritual, moral, cultural and mental development of students and society;
• To offer explicit opportunities for students to consider the response of religion to fundamental questions about the purpose of being, morality and ethical standards and develop their own responses to such matters;
• To ensure students gain both a thorough knowledge of Christianity (reflecting the Christian heritage of this country) and knowledge of other principle religions represented in Great Britain;
• To help promote among students a clear set of personal values and beliefs;
• To promote respect for, and understanding of, those with different beliefs and religious practices from their own, based on the rigorous study of different faiths.

Religion at Exmouth Community College seeks to achieve these aims by assisting students to:
• Reflect on those aspects of human experience which give rise to fundamental questions about life;
• Develop a sensitivity to spiritual religious interpretations of human experience;
• Study Christianity and the principle religions represented in Great Britain;
• Involve a wide range of concepts, skills, attitudes and emotions;
• Encourage the individual to gain self-understanding, to explore relationships with others and to consider the place of the individual within the local community and the wider world.

The College acknowledges the legal provisions:
• That parents have the right to withdraw their children;
• That Religious Education should be non-denominational.












The content of the religion syllabus at Exmouth Community College corresponds to the two targets identified in the Devon Agreed Syllabus:

Target 1 – learning about religious meaning
Target 2 – knowledge from religion.
Key Stage 3
Students in Year 7 have 1 lesson per week Students in Year 8 have 2 lessons per week Students in Year 9 have 1 lesson per week.

Key Stage 4
The subject is available at GCSE through the Options system. We follow the OCR Religious Studies Full Course Syllabus B (Philosophy & Ethics).

All other students undertake a short course examination in line with the Education Act and the Devon Agreed Syllabus. Students participate in a selection of modules examining a variety of social issues, ethical and philosophical questions.

GCSE students have 3 lessons per week in Year 10 and two in Year 11. All students have 1 lesson per week core Religion in Years 10 and 11. Key Stage 5 Philosophy & Ethics is available at A and AS level from September 2003 and is a very popular option with, at present, 40 students taking AS level. 

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