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Our Pastoral System

Sir  John Leman High School is very proud of the exceptionally high quality care that it offers to all its students, whatever academic year they are in. We have a very highly skilled pastoral team offering a broad range of support for all our students, whatever their needs may be. We recognize that a contented and secure learner is a successful learner. We also recognize that every student is unique and therefore we pride ourselves in our knowledge of the individual. However we also recognize and promote the need to feel part of the whole school community.
Success and recognition of success is at the heart of our pastoral care. Students are  rewarded for a wide range of reasons, ranging from academic success, attendance, contribution to extra curricular activities that the school offers and contributions to the local community.
Although Sir John Leman is a large school, each individual year group has their own reserved year areas, where they can eat and socialise, or they can mix with other year groups in other communal areas.
Years 7 and 8 fall under the direction of The Director of Lower School who oversees their pastoral and academic well being. The Director is supported by two full time Year Managers who support students by ensuring that their pastoral needs are met.

Years 9, 10 and 11 fall under the direction of a The Director of Upper School who is also supported by two full time Year Managers.

We consider that the relationship between the learner, parent and school is crucial. To encourage this, all parents and students are given the facility to check the learner's academic progress, as well as attendance, behaviour and rewards online.

There are a great deal of extra curricular activities offered to each year group and the school is very  fortunate to have it's own sports centre on site, where students can participate in a variety of sports and leisure activities.

Key Contacts
Ms Gurney Deputy Headteacher
Mrs Silvers Director Key Stage 5 (Years 12,13)

Mr Slater Director Upper School (Years 9, 10 &11)

Mrs Francis Director Lower School (Years 7,8,)

Mr Daniel Cable (Year Manager - Year 6 Transition & Year 7)
Miss Annie Marler (Year Manager - Year 8 & Year 9)
Mrs Lucy Sayer (Key Stage Manager - Year 10 & Year 11)
All the above can be contacted via the school telephone number 01502 713223
Rewards & Recognition
We seek to recognise the effects of our students through issuing reward credits. In addition we recognise the positive attitudes to learning every term by awarding vouchers to those students who demonstrate  a positive approach to learning across the curriculum.
Sir John Leman High School has high expectations for all students and seeks to support them through the learning process. 
Success is celebrated in our assemblies. We have "CelebrationAssemblies" every term. Students experience some of the fantastic performances of our dance and music groups. This success is also extended through our partnership schools. We are proud of our young people and as community of schools we come together to award younsters at an annual awards ceremony in Beccles.
Every week our school leadership meeting begins by recognizing all students worthy of praise and their parents are notified by the Headteacher.
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