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As the new school opened we presented all the children with a commemorative booklet, and the amusing short historical section is worth reading. It was written in the style of students reporting, by Mr Paradise and took most of its factual content from the Derbyshire Times, 1936 THS opening report.

Historical Article


Before the new school opened in 2003, we were taking photographs of the old school and collecting archive pictures. Many of the archive pictures are from glass plates, and were covered in scratches. We have tidied these up and can now present them for your enjoyment. Please note - Tupton Hall School retains the copyright on these pictures. If you wish to use them you MUST seek approval in writing.

Massive archive of pictures (quality variable)(This is an external site. When it loads click on 'My Montage' for the slideshow)

If you need a good quality copy of any of these pictures please send the full title to:
and I will email it to you. Please note all photos are copyright of the school and must have permission to be used in non-school projects.


During the research process some very old film footage from as early as 1958 was found and converted to computer format. Most of the early stuff was filmed by Mr Austin E May, Deputy Headmaster from the 50s to the late 70s. We have compressed these films so as to make them viable over the Web. (Sorry about the small size and 'jerkyness'  - this is all to do with compressing & running them over the net). Note - we are now changing to watching these from Youtube. This download is much faster that trying to upload from the school server, although the quality is lower. So, we have also left them all at the top left from our server, if you can afford to wait a little longer.

1958 Junior Gym Club online from YouTube

1958 Cross Country Run  

1958 Camp

1958 Dr Kettle & Mr Chips online from YouTube (Dramatic chase with big cast of 'extras')

Film Club(date unknown)

1981 Sports Day online from YouTube

2002 A Look Around the School prior to its destruction online from YouTube

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