Welcome to our Student Virtual Learning Environment!  Our new school website can be found here or by clicking the link above.  The new site is taking some time to appear for some people, so please keep checking or send an email here if you have any queries.  The coloured notices which used to appear on this page are now on the new site, at the bottom of the home page or by clicking on News at the top and selecting Notices.  You will also find the school calendar and term dates there.   
The VLE is a secure area for students to access various files relating to their learning; there are also secure areas for staff and governors.  You will need to log in to access the relevant places as shown in the menus above.  All students need to be mapped with their classes; this will take place over the next 2-3 weeks and online homework will be set once this is complete.
Students return to school for the Autumn term on Wednesday 3rd September at the following times:
  • Y7 at 8.45am
  • Y11 at 9am
  • Years 8-10 at 10.55am

School Transport Times  – Wednesday 3 September

To support the staggered start of the day for students on Wednesday 3 September, Fleet Buzz have kindly adjusted bus times as below. For further information please contact Fleet Buzz on 01252 851009.

Route 77              Pondtail               Fleet Station      CPS

Normal:                8.01am ->            8.05am ->            8.15am

Later:                    9.56am ->            10.00am ->          10.13am


Route 30              Farnborough      Ancells Farm          CPS

Normal:                7.47am ->            8.06am ->            8.25am

Later, from Farnborough: Use the train to Fleet station and then take the Route 77 service at 10.00am to arrive CPS at 10.13am

Later from Ancells Farm: walk to Fleet Station and then take the Route 77 service at 10.00am to arrive at CPS at 10.13am

Contract Service

Quetta Park 9.55am  –>  Crondall 10.10am –>  CPS 10.30am

End of the day:

Normal services will operate at approximately the following times:

Route 77 departs at 3.15pm

Route 30 departs at 3.17pm

Contract service departs at 3.10pm