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History Benchmark Y7 begins with a History Benchmark test. This covers basic areas of the subject such as chronology, key historical terms, the use of historical sources, etc, and is designed to provide the department with a guide to a student's starting level at KS3. The FFT index is also used to produce a KS3 target level for each student.
Medieval Realms (approx 1½ terms). This covers a variety of topics such as the Norman Conquest, Domesday Book, castles, medieval rural and urban society, religious beliefs, the Black Death and the death of Thomas Becket. A field visit to Conisbrough Castle is undertaken early in the Autumn term. An end-of-unit test forms part of the assessment for this unit.

Y7 students at Conisbrough Castle
Islamic Civilisations (approx 1½ terms). This fulfills the National Curriculum requirement for the study of a non-European topic in KS3. Topics include, Arabia before Islam, Muhammad, Islam, the early caliphs, the building of Baghdad, life in an Islamic city, the Crusades, and trade and travel in the Islamic world.
Students' work is marked in line with the whole school marking policy and, additionally, various tasks are set to help create a Y7 NC level profile of achievement.
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