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Unit 4 is AQA A2 syllabus HIS4X - Historical Enquiry. This unit is requires each student to write an essay of around 3000 words based upon a personal study arising from the taught element of the unit. Throughout term one students follow a taught course entitled 'Religion in Spain, c.1469 - 1598' which provides an overview of religious and cultural developments in Spain from the late-fifteenth-century through to the death of Philip II. Topics studied include the Jews, the Moors, the Spanish Inquisition, Spain's relations with the papacy and the Catholic Reformation within Spain.

Ferdinand & Isabella

Charles V

Philip II
Students are assessed by the production of an essay based upon a personal study of one of the themes that has emerged during the taught section of the unit or a related unit. This is completed during term two and involves weekly progress meetings with the teacher. The choice of essay title will be based on agreement between the student and teacher. An evaluation of around 500 words also forms part of the assessment process. There is no end-of-course examination. 
Further information can be found on the AQA website.
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