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 All pupils at Claverham will take a Religious Studies GCSE - this is not an option.
Pupils begin studying for their GCSE in year 9 and the exam is taken in year 10, be aware that in year 10 we drop down to only one lesson a week - so that majority of learning takes place in year 9.
There are some useful revision and homework support resources that you have access to. Some of the best resources are;
Dynamic Learning:
Google 'dynamic learning' and it will take you through to a log in page.
For Religion and Life work you will need to use the username religion password student and centre number 17100.
For Religion and Society work you will need to use the username relandsoc password student and centre number 17100.
Mr McMillan uploads short and relevant podcasts to youtube, which are directly linked to our exam board. These only cover the Religion and Life exam and can be downloaded as podcasts too so that you can listen to them on the go.
You can also buy Revision Guides linked to the Edexcel Course, the Revise Edexcel series and guides by Victor W. Watton are particularly relevant.
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