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Personal Learning & Thinking Skills in Music


Music is a subject that is singularly suited to students developing Personal, Learning and Thinking Skills. Here at Honiton Community College all Music lessons are geared to addressing the three core activities that make up Music-Making: Performing, Composing and Listening/Appraising.

Performing gives students the opportunity to become Effective Participators and Team Workers (especially when working in small groups)

Composing (including Improvising) gives students the opportunity to become Creative Thinkers and Self Managers

Listening/Appraising gives students the opportunity to become Independent Enquirers and Reflective Learners


Social and Emotional Skills in Music (SEAL)

Music helps to foster Social and Emotional Skills through providing a direct emotional experience – through Listening and Performing

Music provides opportunities for students to express own emotions – through Composition (including Improvisation)

Music also helps in this regard by providing opportunities for students to learn through group work to Co-operate and Communicate with others.

Music helps to build Self-Confidence.


Differentiation in Music


Students all learn at different paces and in different ways. Students have different abilities and need to be catered for appropriately so that they can all learn to make progress at whatever stage they are at. In music, differentiation takes three forms:

Differentiation by Task

For example, within a performance-based lesson, students may be given different musical instruments to play, depending on their musical ability.

Differentiation by Outcome

For example within a composing lesson, students given the same task to create an arrangement of a piece of music given a few musical loops or regions on a sequencer program such as Garage-band, will be able to do more or less interesting things with them, depending on their ability.

Differentiation by Time Given

For example, within a listening/theory based lesson, students with more musical ability will be expected to answer questions after having had fewer listens to a piece of music.



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