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Sixth Form and Staff Reading Club
The sixth form and staff book club is for anyone who loves reading and talking about books; anyone who is studying A Level English Literature or for anyone who just wants to read more.
We meet at lunch time once a month in the Senior Library. Each month we discuss a book suggested by a member of the group. The atmosphere is very friendly and relaxed and we discuss a whole range of books from classics, to best sellers, to non fiction and short stories. New members are always welcome.
We are always keen to get more students involved in the book club so feel free to come along or speak to the librarians to tell us what books you would like to discuss.

 Some of the books we have discussed this year are: 
'House of Silk' Anthony Horowitz
'What is the What? Dave Eggers
'Alone in Berlin' Hans Fallada
'The Siege' Helen Dunmore
'The Song of Achilles' Madeline Miller
'Before I Go to Sleep' S. J. Watson
'Between Shades of Gray' Ruth Sepetys
'Painter of Silence' Georgina Harding
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