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Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas. - Albert Einstein

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Mathematics Department

Alan Turing

Pi Day 2015
This year's Pi recital was again won by the Kirsty Barnett (Y9) who recited a school record of 520 digits of Pi, taking her once again to 15th in Britain. Kirsty is ranked 50th in Europe and 146th in the WORLD!
In second place was Thomas Lane (Y8) with 190 and third place was taken by James Vardy (Y8) with 85.


Some of the Pi day Pies. 

The winning Pie was made by Sarah Dave

Thanks to everyone for helping us to celebrate Pi day!

Edge Hill Winners 2010 and 2011
The Maths Staff:
Mr K Styles (Head of Department)
Mrs E Treves (2nd in Department) 

Mr P J Anderson (Head of KS4)

Mrs A Rodriguez
Mrs S Farnfield

Mrs A Birch (Head of KS5)

Mr K K McKay (Assistant Head of KS5 and KS3 )

Mr C James

Mr D W Watson 

Miss C Skinner (Numeracy Coordinator)
Mr M Harwood
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