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Make some noise in the music dept

Welcome To The Music Department


 The Department Aims To:


  • Offer a rewarding musical experience to all students at KS3
  • Encourage wider involvement in music across the school, through extra curricular  activities and through study at A-level and GCSE
  • Encourage students to learn an instrument
  • Provide opportunities for students to experience live music
  • Develop the use of ICT within the department
  • To evolve links between subject areas though events such as the Annual School Production and the Arts Evening
  • Create a safe and supportive environment in which students’ creativity can flourish




Mr S Mitchell                                        Head of Music

Mrs M Hopkinson                                Music Teacher
Mr J Floyd                                            Arts Technician


Mr B Winter                                          Upper Brass and Woodwind

Mr D Vaughan                                      Brass

Miss H Wallace                                    Woodwind

Miss M Dobbs                                      Strings

Mr A Feeney                                         Drums

Mr C Baker                                           Guitar

Miss Effie Cunnane                              Voice
Useful Links: (A great site for learning the basics of music theory, with Flash tutorials and online tests) (Download Audacity - a really simple tool for recording sound but with some quite advanced features if you want them - totally free!) (Free streaming of almost any piece of music you can think of, including some quite obscure stuff.  Useful for GCSE and A level musicians if you want to do some wider listening.  Great if you need a backing track for a song as it is also full of Karaoke accompaniments.  CD quality and totally legal!) (A great site if you want to revise musical periods for GCSE music as there is not an excessive amount of info and there are musical clips to listen to.) (Amazing site, full of information about jazz surprisingly enough.  Also includes Real Audio clips of hundreds of pieces.  Essential for AS music.)  (A comprehensive site produce by the ABRSM - the main examining body for music graded exams.  You can take music apart and find how it works, create music yourself, find out how other people make music and how they perform it, learn about musical instruments and look at the backgrounds of different musical styles.)
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