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The Interconnected World

We study the WJEC GCSE in GEOGRAPHY: Specification B.
This comprises 3 Units:
Theme 1: Challenges of Living in a Built Environment
Theme 2: People and the Natural World Interactions
Theme 3: People, Work and Development

The GCSE is assessed using a combination of 2 exams (75%) & controlled assessment (25%). Please note: The Exam board require students to complete controlled assessment  for entry to the exams.
Exams and Controlled Assessment
Unit 1: Challenges and Interactions in Geography (30%)
Written Paper: 1 hour
60 marks
Two compulsory structured questions, one from Theme 1 and one from Theme 2, each containing a choice of case study
Unit 2: Development and Problem Solving Geography (45%)
Written Paper: 2 hours
90 marks
Section A: One compulsory structured question from Theme 3 containing a choice of case study
Section B: A cross-unit problem solving exercise structured in three parts
Unit 3: Geographical Enquiry (25%)
Controlled Assessment
50 marks
An enquiry based on fieldwork (15%) completed in Y11 and an Issue based on research (10%) completed in Y10
Tiers of Entery
Higher            A* - D
Foundation      C - G

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