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Welcome to the A2 Geography homepage

This website contains detailed information and resources about the different parts of the A2 level Geography Course followed at Brookfield Community School Chesterfield.  It is designed to be used by staff and students to make resources accessible, to share learning and to support progress towards the final qualification.  It is constantly under update so please check back regularly. 

The course moves away from AS level by going into greater depth and detail, posing increasingly complex questions of significantly more intricate topics and issues.  Unit 3 Contested Planet explores how the use and management of resources is a key issue for geography in today‚Äôs world.  Consumption patterns highlight stark inequalities between regions, countries and groups of people. At the same time many resources are finite, and rising consumption means that difficult decisions over the use of resources will have to be taken more frequently.  Unit 4 is predominantly aimed at triggering independent research and enquiry, and involves students exploring topics for themselves and applying their research to a range of questions.  There are a range of topics to choose from, and to begin with we have chosen to go with Tectonic Activity and Hazards.

The links on the left take you to further resources and information relating to each of the units and topics.  Please explore these to help you in your studies at this level.

Modern development, Shanghai, China.

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